Won-Ju Kim

Fiber / Soft Sculpture Artist

Artist Statement

My work is about communication and gestures for people who are unable to see through the eyes of two societies. Living in the United States has enlightened me to the variety of living conditions. With my work I show people that there are numerous aspects and gestures of life that can be relearned. My work background is based on the diversity of culture. I have always wanted to involved in all kinds of culture and it has led me to abroad other countries to observe.

I often find myself finally realize the ultimate creative zone when I am located in a foreign culture. Difference is the key for my art. Inspired by international experiences outside of South Korea, a keen intercultural sensibility has become an important aspect of my work. Exploring this in-between state, I aim to make the viewer of my work aware of the relativity and shifting nature of cultural attitudes and conventions.

Photo: Zack Baille